The David Swayze
Great Lakes Shipwreck Database


The Dave Swayze Shipwreck Database was the result of collaboration between many researchers and institutions over a period of about twenty years. David Swayze coordinated the effort, pulling together verified primary source accounts of total loss Great Lakes shipwrecks from colleagues and researchers across the Lakes. These served as the basis for his book Shipwreck! published in 1999. Following the success of the book, the number of wrecks added increased exponentially after additional researchers began contributing. Mr. Swayze has turned over mangement of the database to Brendon Baillod and the Great Lakes Shipwreck Research Group who now have administrative web facilities for adding new records, updating existing records and even deleting records where necessary. The database search engine and backend database were programmed by Brendon Baillod and he maintains the data and codebase. Any comments, suggestions or questions concerning the database may be addressed to Brendon at

If you wish to join the research and administrative team, contact Brendon as above.

Listed are the abbreviation codes used for sources and contributors used for wreck information or to identify the vessel.

See further down for published and institutional sources:

CONTRIBUTORS and Private Collections:

af – Alan Fodor, Cleveland
amh – Ann Marie Hadcock, Bruce Peninsula, Ont
aohs -AuSable-Oscoda Historical Society [Fred Glass], Oscoda, Mich.
ap – Aaron Phipps, Grand Rapids Press, Grand Rapids, MI
bb – Brendon Baillod Collection and databases, Lake Michigan
brb – Brent Bamford, London, Ont.
bcha – Berrien County Historical Association (Robert C. Myers)
bs – Bob Saxton, West Springfield, PA
bt – Barb Talbot – St. Catharines, Ont
bv – Barbara Veneziano, Enterprise, Alabama
bwb – Barry Brently
cc – Chris Campbell
cpl – C. Patrick Labadie, Alpena, Mich
cr – Clive Reddin, Toronto
crx – Cal Rix, diary of Capt. D. Kendall of Algonac
cs – Carrie Sowden, Peachman Lake Erie Shipwreck Research Center Great Lakes Historical Society
csm – Craig Smith, Brighton, Ont.
dah – David Higley, Minneapolis, MN
dao – Dave Oney, North Fairfield, OH
das – Dan Scoville, Houston, TX
db – Don Boone, Collingwood, Ont.
dc – Don Comtois Collection, Bay City, MI
dcr – Doyle C. Rogers, crewman aboard str J. H. REED
df – Dan Fountain Collection
dg – David Galbraith, Hamilton, Ont.
dh – David Hamilton, Amherstburg, Ont.
dmt – David M. Teepell list, Eastern Lake Ontario wrecks – 1868-1922
dp -Dale Pohto, Mentor, Ohio
dr – Dave Reed, Port Perry, Ont.
eb – Eric Bonow
ec – Ed Chaput Collection, Rockwood, MI
ejs – Eric J. Schmitt, Mackinac City, MI
els – Elmer L. Shafer, Pepper Pike, Oh (radio operator on CG cutter OSSIPEE – 1942)
ems – Al Stender, Bay City, Mich recounting the experience of his father Elwood M. Stender
emt – Esther M. Thompson, (descendant of a victim of the loss of the tug GRACE)
ff- Francis Farrell, St. Paul, MN (crewman on HENRY STEINBRENNER)
fg – Fred Griswold, Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.
gc – Glenn Cleereman, Green Bay, Wis.
gcs – Gordon C Shaw, Thornhill, Ont.
gdr – Geoffrey D. Reynolds, Joint Archives of Holland, Hope College, Holland, Mich.
ge – Gail Elliott, Roseville, MI
gl – Gordon Lawson, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ont.
gm – Greg McMaster – Traverse City, MI
gmw – Georgann and Mike Wachter, Avon Lake, OH Link
grm – Greg Michels, National Weather Service, Marquette, MI
go – Gerry Ouderkirk, Toronto
hh – Harvey Hadland, Bayfield, WI “Fishing Vessels of the Great Lakes”
hl – Harry Leisk
hm – Hugh McNichol, Lansing, Mich (g-grandson of a J. Reid salvage supervisor)
ja – Joe Amberik, Cleveland, OH (crewman on Black Marlin)
jad – James Donahue
jb – Joe Barr, Eastpointe, MI
jby – Jim Byrne, Toledo
jc – Joy Chesley, Bend, Oregon
jd – John Dillon, Bay View, WI
jh – Jim Hopkins – Espanola, Ont. (President, Save Ontario Shipwrecks)
jha – John Hanson, Montague, Mi – (chair of West Michigan Underwater Preserve and g-grandson of shipbuilder John Dyble)
jib – Jim Beaudoin, Algonac, Mi
jk – Jim & John Koch Collection, Cleveland, Lake Erie
jm – Jack Messmer Collection
jmb – James M. Beaudoin, Algonac, MI
jmk – Jim Kennard, Rochester, NY
jos – John M. O’Shea, Dept. of Anthropology, University of Michigan
jow – Joanna Waugh – correspondent to MARHST-L maritime discussion group
jtd – John T. Davidson, Marion, IL (son of the deckman on the salvage tug SALVOR)
jw – John Weichel, Southampton, Ont.
ke – Keith Elms, Barrington, IL
kf – Kathy Firestone, Northport, Mi, daughter of vessel owner
km – Ken MacPherson Collection – web page of Walter Lewis
kmn – Ken Merryman, Minneapolis
kst – Kimm Stabelfelt, Wauwatosa, Wis.
kvd – Derek Van Dahm, Westmont, IL
kw – Kurt Wojda
ll – Larry Lepage, Ontario
lt – Linda Talbott, National Project Coordinator, The USGenWeb Census Project
md – Michael Dodson, Lansing, Mich.
mah – Mark Hooton
mar – Martin A. Riepma, Wellington, Fla.
mbw – Matthew and Barbara Weisman, Elyria, Oh
mf – Melissa Freye, Muskegon
mh – Mary Howard, Indiana, PA
msra – Michigan Shipwreck Research Association; website
mu – Meredith Ulstad
mw – Michael Wertel, Oshkosh, WI
njs – Natalie J. Siembor, Oswego, NY
ns – Neil Schultheiss‘ Great Lakes & Seaway Shipping web site [“Boatnerd”] –
nsc – Natalie (Nordstrand) Scheller, Lowell, MI (daughter of crewman on tug LEON J.)
pc – Patricia Codney, Willoughby, OH
pac – Paul Carroll, Goderich, Ont.
paf – Patrick Frazier, grandson of a crewman on HELEN B
pal – Peggy Large, Winona, Ont.
rc – Randy Cook, Garson, Ont.
pdw – Peter D. A. Warwick, Hamilton, Ont.
pf – Peter Ferris (Forest Park, IL)
pg – Philip Gifford, St. Catharines, Ont.
phs – Pentwater (Mich.) Historical Society
ps – Peter Scurr, Ont., grandson of W. R. Taylor, Wallaceburg, Ont.
rb – Ron Beaupre, Port Elgin, Ont.
rdk – Richard D. Kendrick, Ashtabula, Oh – (son of skipper of HURLBUT W. SMITH)
rf – Rob Farrow, Thunder Bay, Ont.
rl – Ryan LeBlanc, Thunder Bay, Ont. (President, S.O.S Lake Superior)
rj – Robert Jaeck, Racine, WI
rja – Richard Janke, Wisconsin
rjo – Randy Johnson, Soo, Ont.
rkr – Ralph K. Roberts Collection
rnc – Rick Neilson Collection, Kingston, Ont.
rp – Richard Palmer Collection
rpo – Ruth Powell, Monroe, Mich
rr – Ross Richardson, Lake Ann, Mich
rrc – Ralph R. Christiansen
rwr – R. W. Rick Redmond, Medicine Hat, Alta. Can. (son of PWD-117 fireman)
rs – Robert Schwemmer, Santa Clarita, Cal.
sm – Skip Meier, Detroit Marine Hist. Soc.
sa – Steve Adolph, Dearborn, Mi
sc – Scott Cameron, Meaford, Ont.
se – Stephen B. Ellingson Collection, Andover, KS
sf – Suzanne Frantz, St. Clair, MI
sm – Shari Milks, Manitowoc, Wis.
smf – Shawn McFadden, Toronto
sn – Sandra Northrup, Niles, Mich
so – Steve Ouellette – Fenton, MI
ss – Sue Seigmund, Texas
svb – Steve Vanden Bosch
svi – Seaview Imaging (Dan & Joyce Lindsay) Brantford, Ont.
tk – Tom Kowalczk
tr – Tom Rutledge, Kingston, Ont.
tis – Tim Shippee, Baldwinsville, NY
ts – Ted Swayze, Hanover Park, Il
ww – Wallace F. Workmaster, Mount Lebanon, Pa.
waw – William A. Warnick, Hamilton, Ont.
wes – Wes Oleszewski Collection
wl – Walter Lewis Collection and web page, Kingston, Ont.
wla – William Lafferty, Dayton, Oh
wmn – William McNeil Collection
ws – William Stephan, jr., Darien, Il
wsm – William Smith, Midland, Ont.
wwl – William W. Lewis, Presque Isle, Mich.

Published sources and institutions:

(doc = document from private collection)

  • a&f – Ahoy & Farewell – J. A. Jackman, ed., Marine Historical Society of Detroit, Detroit, 1970.
  • ac – History of the Atlantic Cable & Undersea Communications:British Insulated Callenders (Submarine) Cables Ltd by Bill Glover at
  • acpl – Alpena Co. (Mich) Geo N Fletcher Public Library
  • ade – Alpena Dates of Events, 1862-1902 – published by by Alpena Argus newspaper. Alpena Public Library genealogy collection. With supplements through 1914.
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  • bbas – Blue Book of American Shipping – 1897,1903 –  Web page of Walter Lewis:
  • bbr – Bob Brobst, Algonac, Mich. website:
  • bc – Buffalo Commercial  Wrecklist of 1851, published Jan 9, 1852 in Milwaukee Sentinel – Robert Jaeck Collection
  • bcw – Buffalo Commercial Advocate Wrecklist of 1849, published Jan 2, 1850 – Robert Jaeck Collection
  • blu – Board of Lake Underwriters insurance loss lists – year of list may follow in parentheses. Brendon Baillod website
  • bw – Bill Wangemann, City of Sheboygan Historian 1995
  • clu – Selected Canadian Lake Underwriters lists & Lloyd’s lists – doc
  • cbt – Chicago Board of Trade Annual Reports – Google Books
  • cn – Cari Noga, Lake Micigan Shipwreck Identified, MyNorth online, Sep 1, 2011
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The Great Lakes Shipwreck Database contains over 5000 records of verified total losses of Great Lakes commercial vessels. It is available as a flat file listing at David Swayze's website which is no longer maintained or updated.